Commercial Growers


Achieve optimum harvest. Our company offers you comprehensive advice and support for your cultivation, from start to finish, ensuring a maximum and better output than any of your competitors. We offer you a complete package based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the growing business, supplemented by our technical skills and using in the field-proven top-quality equipment meeting the most demanding requirements, specially developed for use by a number of well-known affiliated companies, which we carefully selected over the last 20 years. Apart from our knowledge and the state-of-the-art equipment we are using, we also offer our in-house developed, widely recognized, top quality nutrients which enhance the growing and quality of the crop significantly and guarantee an optimum harvest. We continuously keep our knowledge of improvements within the growing business up to date, regarding both technical and theoretical subjects. Furthermore, we are, through our contacts within universities, being kept up to date with the latest, scientific research related to cannabis cultivation. Our company is specialized in supporting large-scale operations however all our packages are scalable to meet your demand and achieve the highest results at the most competitive price.

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