Unique Scientifically Proven Growth Enhancers

Our team of plant scientists are constantly researching revolutionary ways to improve photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.

Made in Holland

Dutch growers have long be revered around the world as the best horticulturists at the leading edge of the modern green revolution.


Whether growing in coco, soil or hydro you can be assured VitaPonix has the correct blend for your garden. Utilising only the highest quality ingredients, our nutrition program has been proven time and time again.

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Commercial and hobby growers often look for a balance between cost and performance when selecting a substrate. VitaPonix meets both these criteria with a range of products designed to excel in every situation.

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VitaPonix fully understands that to reach maximum quality a base nutrient is only half the story. Take production levels to the next step with the application of patented technology designed to maximise nutrient uptake.

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