VitaSweet enhances the uptake of nutrients from the beginning of the flowering cycle. It is at this early stage that the final blueprint for floral production is decided. Via patented technology, key minerals responsible for cell division become super mobile inside the plant. As internal sugar levels rise this in turn results in an enhanced uptake of nutrients and a dramatic increase in cell numbers.

  • Increases cell division.
  • Increases sugar content.
  • Increases floral weight.

Maximise cell division and the size of flowers with VitaSweet!

Follow the recommended feeding schedule for soil, coco or hydro. Add VitaSweet from the first week of flowering until the end of week six.

Use 1ml per litre alongside the rest of the VitaPonix feeding schedule.

Guaranteed analysis:
Nitrogen 16%, Potassium 4%, Magnesium 3%, Iron 0.3%, Manganese 0.5%, Zinc 0.3%, Boron 0.3%, Amino acids 2% + Activators

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