VitaPonix Rooting Gel

Vitaponix Rooting Gel is a natural organic rooting compound based containing cold extracted seaweed gel.

Rigourous testing has shown this product easily competes with existing synthetic chemical products on equal terms but with a natural organic material. Subsequent testing has proven that it in everyday use Vitaponix Rooting Gel will actually out-perform the non-organic competitors.

This thick gel will stick to the plant’s tissue, covering the cut tissues and supplying naturally extracted hormones, trace element, vitamins, and other vital nutrients that will promote root cell development and seedling growth. It can be used with any rooting medium.

  • Vitaponix Rooting Gel is a pure natural plant extract.
  • The main compound, seaweed is harvested from the East Atlantic Ocean.
  • It is made with Ascophyllum nodosum (Bladder wrack) a renewable resource.
  • It is safely harvested in a way which respects the natural ecosystem.
  • Harvesting takes place only during periods of high growth and light intensity to ensure maximum hormone content.
  • The hormones and nutrients found in Vitaponix Rooting Gel promote rapid and vigorous root and rooted cutting development.
  • It is rich in the natural plant hormones that initiate and prolong root development.
  • Root and shoot development activity is further enhanced with a mineral extract of humic-rich Leonardite, which help to produce greater growth response than synthetic hormones.
  • Vitoponix Rooting Gel contains a natural preservative to control unwanted bacterial growth.
  • Available in 50ml glass jars with a wide easy to neck.

The seaweed used in Vitaponix Rooting Gel is hormone-rich and micronised to form the gel without undergoing the high-temperature heating processes that are so damaging to the beneficial long-chain molecules that we seek to preserve for maximum rooting and early growth stimulation.
The natural gel is rich in growth-promoting nutrients, and if you leave it exposed to the air in warm conditions for too long, you will readily see the growth it stimulates when exposed to airborne spores and bacteria. A natural preservative is added to improve shelf-life and control this growth, but it will eventually break down in more testing conditions. (The product is still safe and effective if any surface growth is removed following prolonged exposure to inoculum during use).
The source seaweed of the gel is used for organic skin creams and natural cosmetic production. Good enough for your face, good enough for your plant’s roots!

Directions for using Vitaponix Rooting Gel:
Take your cutting from a healthy and actively growing plant, (But not from a flowering stem).
Transfer an adequate amount of the gel to a dipping tube or container.
Dip the cut end to a depth of 2 cm into the rooting gel and immediately transfer to propagator.
Maintain cutting in moist conditions conducive to growth until plant has effectively rooted.
Do not return used gel to storage container (this will increase the shelf life of your gel), instead shake it up with a little water and add to the propagation medium as an extra nutrient.

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