What is VitaCell?

VitaCell is an aminoplast resin foam. This results in a light but very stable white spongy pH neutralised substrate.

The dry matter content is between 16 and 20 Kg/m3.

100% Australian made. 100% biodegradable.

Who is VitaCell?

Developed in Holland and seven years in the making.

VitaCell Australia where the product is made, brings together experience from Australia, Netherlands and New Zealand.

Product Range VitaCell Slab

VitaCell slab 1 meter slabs, 22 litres. VitaCell is easy to use. Must be pre-saturated for up to 24 hours with your normal nutrient solution or tap water. This will allow VitaCell to reach its maximum water holding capacity of around 60% and also helps disperse the neutralising solution.

VitaCell contains no nutritional elements.

As VitaCell is supplied at a pH of 5.5 –7.0 you do not need to add pH adjusted water, just soak with normal nutrient solution. The nutritional requirements are very similar to rockwool and perlite.

After use, VitaCell can be dug into the garden. It will turn into the same colour as the soil. Invest now in ’Your Perfect Medium’ and you’ll be back for more.

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