Shooting Power

Shooting Power is the last step towards heavy weight bud and flower production. The addition of Shooting Power to VitaBase A+B dramatically changes the NPK ratio and provides the extra potassium and phosphate the plant needs for this critical final phase.

  • Initiates secondary flowering.
  • Prolongs flowering for higher yields.Higher density of buds and flowers.

Maximise the final weight of your crop with Shooting Power!

Follow the recommended feeding schedule for soil, coco or hydro. Add Shooting Power during the last three weeks of flowering. Reduce the dose of VitaBase A+B to 1.2 EC. Target 2.0-2.2 EC. Do not overdose.

1 sachet per 100 litres(0.65g per litre) from week 6, upto a maximum of 2 sachets for week 7 and 8 if required.

Guaranteed analysis:
NPK 0-39-25

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