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Innovative Growth Enhancers For Plants

Effective plant nutrition is vital to generate maximum yield and keep your plants healthy. Giving horticulture the boost it needs, Vitaponix deals with the production of next-generation nutrients that plants thrive in. Our patented bespoke nutrients give your plants the supplement it needs to provide maximum yield and output.

Backed up by research by renowned Dutch horticulturists, our team of plant scientists at Vitaponix has revolutionized plant nutrient uptake. Being 100% recyclable, we drastically reduce the risk of pollution and contamination of the outside environment with Vitaponix instead of other plant growth enhancers.

Scientifically Proven Solutions

Shooting Up Crop Generation

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we specialize in growing various plants that generate more yield and better flowers. Whether you’re a professional grower, garden center, wholesaler, or amateur gardener, our plant supplements provide the correct soil blend for your plants to grow in.

We focus on giving you the right blend and performance while keeping costs sustainable. Our products are of the highest quality, which will give your plants the nourishment it needs without the excessive amounts of chemicals that come with typical plant feed. Say hello to enhanced crop production without setting you back by hundreds of dollars.

Find The Right Balance

Go Green, With The Right Nutrients

Backed up by molecular biology, our technology provides a unique approach to maximizing yield. Come, experience the best of revolutionary crop production for yourself.

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